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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 rock shore where we dart around on the accessible terraces- and eat our
lunch in an enchanting bower with pretty islands visible before us through
the foliage- and many little boats scatted [sic] over the water filled
with tourists. On our return, just before reaching
Colmans eye, our boatman stopped and said it was customary to wager
a bottle of whiskey that we could not point the way out- I won it,
but the boatman behind us lost the same- The boatmen all wear
white breeches, blue shirts
and the name of the Hotel in
their hat bands, (at their own
cost) They get half a crown
a day (60 cts) and buy their
oars. Just behind us a lad
caught his oar on a rock and
broke it while shooting a “pass”,
“Poor boy: there’s seven
-Ruins of Agha doe- shillin’s out of his pocket
they all exclaimed- When my men discovered we were americans
their faces brightened wonderfully. One said he was going to America next month.
we soon learned their hate of the british flag. They say their little boats which
happen to carry an american flag “always comes out ahead”.
A delightful excursion of six hours, but the shores are not orna-
mented with any attractive villas as on the Italian Lakes, in fact
there is an entire absence of residences- Our excursion “up”
saw one class of views, our return saw almost entirely different scenery,
but the usual way with tourists, is, to take carriage eleven miles to
the “gap of Dunloe”, through the gap on Donkeys seven miles, and two or

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