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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 expands to nearly a quarter of a mile in width, but, the, greater part of the
distance, it is barley [sic] wide enough for the long oars to work, and in many places
we pass between rocks and around sharp turns where there is not room for a single
oar so wild varying and romantic- One bold cliff seven hundred
feet high called the “Eagles nest” directly in our path, turns us sharp around
through a narrow rocky defile- This rock gives a sweet echo, and we were
just in time to hear three sweet tunes from the bugle in the boat just ahead
of us. Each Hotel has its li-
censed buglers who accompany
boats for a regular fee0
Before we left a half dozen of
boats had accumulated and
another bugler blew us out of
hearing- An eagle build
her nest there every year, out of
reach of the robbers, although
it has been twice robbed by rope -“Upper Lake” form Arbutus Island-
and basket from above- Each cliff, point, irregularity, or island has its name
and legend, many of which our boatmen relate, in so broad a provincial Irish, that
my family can scarcely understand. The funniest Irish comedian on an Amer-
ican stage does not equal the provincialism that is spoken to us every day-
Out of a narrow passage between two large rocks called “Colmans Eye”
we shoot into the “Upper lake”, the prettiest of all, although it is but two
and half miles long, surrounded by picturesque highlands, and containing
twelve islands, all small. We landed on the prettiest one, “Arbutus Island”
covered with ^that^ evergreen brush, only an acre and half in extent but having
every variety of up and down, dark jungles, steep cliffs, observatory, and smooth

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