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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 upper photo- beyond “Devils Island” in Dundag
bay, also in the second photo- from “Dinis
Island”. We landed on Dinis, where
the narrow passage around two sides of
this island from the upper lakes, meet the
waters of middle lake and is called “the
meeting of the waters”- It is a most en-
chanting spot. The dense shade and pretty
walks among the great trees, the swift and
narrow streams overhung with darkening shade
are unsurpassed in rustic lovliness- [sic]
Our landing on Dinis Island was a nec-
-The “long range”- essity- because the boatmen could not
row us up the narrow tumultuous stream which tumbles down through the two
arches of the “old weir bridge”-
The boatmen have a paved path on
the left. Both walk, one pulls the
rope while the other pushes with his
oar- A little beyond this ancient
bridge which is now only used for a
footbridge, we again entered the
boat and found ourselves in a
passage called the “long range”,
The Boatmen call it five miles and
the Guide book says three, Crooked,
hemmed in my mountains and rocks.
In two of three places it quietly -The “old weir bridge”

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