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the flat shore-
After Breakfast we chartered a boat with
two oarsmen for the tour of the lakes.
This “lower lake” or “Lough Leane” is five
miles long, and in one part three miles wide,
with thirty islands, mostly less than an acre
each. The largest is the pretty “Innisfallen”
of twenty three acres. The next is Rabbit Id
of twelve acres. The former contains low
ruins of an abbey supposed to have been founded
by St Finian A.D. 600. Tom Moore has tried
his poetical hand upon this lovely little Park- -Devils Island, middle Lake-
From hour Hotel (at the foot of the lake) away around to the left, extend the han-
some domaine of Lord Kenemare (70.000.
pounds a year) quite regular, broken only by
the pretty little ruin of “Ross Castle” near the
shore, until we reach the head of the lake
where the low mountains approach the shores won
each side. Passing under the single
arch of “Brickeen bridge” the outlet from the
other lakes, too narrow for our oars, we enter
“Torc Muckross” or “Middle lake” as it is vary-
ously [sic] called- containing an area of 680
acres, hemmed in by barren slopes, the
highest of which is Torc mountain the
-Torc mountain from Dinis Island- lower slope of which can be seen in the

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