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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 even when the show was strictly their own. They are “proud of the
“good order displayed” but we think the French ladies will not repeat their
excursion to Dublin. As soon as the Police disappeared the music easily
led away the crowd. “England (says a morning paper) poured out her wealth
‘freely and gave this deputation a dignified reception, while Ireland having given
‘only the widows mite takes unbounded credit to herself”- The respectable citizens
did not join in the demon-
stration not daring to venture
into the streets-
Today we went into the
crystal Palace, exhibition,
situated on the opposite side
of Stephens green, on the
same principle as the Sydenham
Palace, but smaller, having
-Exhibition Palace- a pretty little garden but
without water. The building is quite empty. In the concert hall
men were working lively getting ready for the French banquet this evening
(full dress, high price), setting tables, putting up flags, flowers, +c-
We have ridden out to the great Phoenix Park containing 1750
acres, nine miles around it, prettily broken up ^with^ irregularities and lakes
filled with hundreds of pretty little tame deer roaming at will-
Our fenian driver stopped before the great Wellington obelisk and told us how
the “bloody police” knocked the inoffending [sic] woman and children from its high
steps and terrace in the late riot- We drove (in the city) into
the castle yard and entered the Royal Chapel, neatly carved and furnished
a cosy little gothic church- The Castle is now occupied by the Lord

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