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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 through the lines of privaledged [sic] boarders, and up the steps, half a dozen prom-
inent Frenchmen with their wives among them Counts Flavigny and Ferdinand de
Lesseps. The ladies looked badly frightened, and well they might. One of
them swept up stairs with half of her dress torn off dragging a yard on one
side in strips. Looking to the entrance we could see them slowly and
frightfully squeeze through one at a time, rolled, jammed, hoisted, torn.
Deafening cheers continually rent the air, through which we could hear
“take away yer bloody perlice” “take em away” “down with the bloody police”
A policeman staggered in fainting and was carried away. The scene
was even more frightful to the citizens who so recently saw the bloody riot in
Phoenix Park by a fraction (30.000.) of this same ignorant mob, where the
police succeeded in preventing a popular meeting in favor of Fenian prisoners
in English prisons, and the hundreds of bruised heads still ached to have
a dig at the “bloody police”. Several of the latter were maltreated. Four
of them were taken to the hospital for repairs. I am inclined to believe
that a special police of citizens could have kept the crowd back without injury.
The Irish committee (not a prepos^es^ing set) were agitatedly flying up and
down the stairway, trying to get a quieting word into the yelling crowd from
the balcony over the entrance. An “M.P.” Mr. Martin (With a humpback)
seemed to have the most influence over them- My family were un-
avoidably somewhat agitated at the fearful scene, not knowing what moment
the crowd might break into the house and smash everything, still I suc-
ceeded in getting them out onto the balcony to see the wonderful sight,
so near, a sea of faces all turned upon us- perhaps no civilized city
can equal it. An il word or thought passed through that crowed might
easily explode the ready combustibles. Everybody, including the gamins (?)
were astonished that such a crowed of Irish could meet without a general row

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