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to seven oclock almost a con-
tinuous stream of “trades societies”
pass^ed our Hotel on its way to
the boat landing, said
societies ^each^ consisted of a band of
music of very questionable merit
playing Irish airs, followed by a
few mechanics carrying two or
-Shelbourne Hotel- three small flags, the whole
surrounded by a rabble of two to three thousand as scrubby and poor a crowd as
one could imagine, almost as many females as males, women with babes, some
quite well dressed, all hurrying along pell-mell. Troops of ragged barefooted
girls carrying flags, banners, and cheap devices. There was said to have been
thirty bands at the landing. The rabble grew so dense that locomotion
through the street was quite impossible. It was long after dark, nine oclock before
the carriage of the deputation could reach the Shelbourne Hotel where they were tp
be received by the Irish committee. The crowd has been estimated all the way
up to one hundred and fifty thousand, the whole surrounding country sending their
populace. No such gathering has been seen here for years. Their enthusiasm
knew no bounds. They were with difficulty prevented from drawing the carriages
in place of the Horses. At the Hotel the jam became fearful. The whole street
was packed so that scarcely another one could have been wedged in from above
and Stephens Green, nearby, was crowded. The great stalwart policemen
found it impossible to keep a clear path into the Hotel for the guests. The whole
Hotel force blocked the doorway pushing at each others backs to resist the rabble
We stood by the grand stairway withing the hall and saw the guests arrive, file

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