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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 has been cut out into small blocks and piled in little pyramids near together,
leaving the land dismally broken- Any of the valleys, judging from the
looks of the ditches, might be burnt out as well, so that when the poor farmer
becomes disgusted with farming, he can dig up his land and sell it, or burn
it- Ireland is much broken into by Loughs and bays from the west but
yet, more than half the land is arable whereas Scotland has less than
one third arable-
At Dundalk, or a little beyond, we struck the low shore of the channel
and followed ^it^ through Drogheda to Dublin, 6 P.M. Shelbourne Hotel-
In front of our Hotel is a little park called “Stephens Green” (25 or 20 acres),
we promenade through it , but learned that it is not entirely pubic. Admission one
pound per year with a Gate Key-
17th Last evening we saw a sight worth recording- Comparatively, Dublin is the
Paris of Ireland, in size, political centre, and excitability of its populace-
For several days past the journals have
been touching the sensitive hearts of the
Irish by repeated and flattering notices of
the coming deputation of high French of- ficials, empowered to thank and flatter the
Irish nation for their Ambulance-corps
services and strong sympathy during the
late war. They were to
arrive last evening, seven oclock. The
populace became excited and towards
evening ^it^ increased rapidly- Each one
felt him-or herself the recipient of the thanks
-Stephens Green- without one in a thousand knowing what for

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