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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 its old city wall of the
middle ages, enclosing only
a small part of the present
city of 20.000. We walked
to a point and saw three
of its six heavy arched gate-
ways. This wall saved
the town and perhaps the
whole state by its celebrated
successful protestant resis- -Bank of Ireland- Dublin-
tance against the Catholics in 1688, and the annual celebration of
it came off on the 12th. The papers and people are yet full of the
failure, caused by the illegal interference of the government fearing a rep-
etition of New York riots
14th 11 AM train, south, through Strabane, Omagh, Enneskillen Bally-
bay (the home of three or our servants), Dundalk, to and across the famous
River Boyne a mile from Drogheda, a wide shallow stream with high
Banks, where, near our highbridge, on the 1st of July 1690, the combined
Protestant forces under William of Orange 30.000. Defeated a like number of
Catholics under his father-in-law James 2nd- the recent New York celebra-
tion of which has shed so much blood-
Ireland is pretty to look at but neither grand nor picturesque. The farms
devoid of forests, with pale tinted grains and grasses look old and worn out-
generally undulating, but only rising into small mountains, on the west coast-
Divided into small farms by innumerable hedge fences rising from a ridge
or wall of earth two to four feet high- On each side of the track, in
the valleys, we pass hundreds of acres of “peat-beds” where the black earth

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