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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 for the danger attending a strangers attempt at walking it, each step
springing as though trying to throw you over or under the single rope
which guides one side)
Three splendid days at Portrush allowed us to ramble at will on
the charming sea shore so near, on the beautiful sand beach, on the rock
shore over which we could climb easily, gathering shells sea moss or pretty
pebbles, or reading behind some projecting rock protected from the wind
while the music of the surf lulled us into dreamlife-
However we have finished and are not sorry to leave. Our tele-
gram to the large and pleasant “Antrim Arms hotel” found them full, and
the accomodating [sic] fat landlady found us beds uptown in the disagreable [sic]
little “Londonderry house”, dirty attic,- which I improved a little during
the evening by engaging the best rooms at the Portrush house.
13th To shorten the long ride to Dublin, we took the evening train (two
and half hours) to Londonderry
south to Coleraine, change cars, thence
back to the barren coast, west to
the low bank of the “Lough Foyle”
a kind of bay with a narrow mouth
Thence south along its whole length
fifteen miles to Londonderry
(which is universally called “Derry”
and so printed on the railway tickets)
which we reach by crossing the head
of the Lough over a long fine bridge
Imperial Hotel, respectable.
-Londonderry- Derry has but little to boast of except

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