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which loosened her tongue disastrously-
Discovered that three suspicious looking
chaps were watching and hoping to
catch me away from the few tourists
who were on the main causeway and
as we were satisfied as to their intentions
where rocks are so plenty, we returned
to our boat, and proceeded on our
route, past the “Giants Crown”, the
Lions head”, the “Chimney tops”, +c-
names applied to the strange formations -Carrick-a-rede bridge-
of this bold, jagged, fearful shore- The “Giants Amphitheatre” is a grand
half circle of many storied columns, sloping back quite like a theatre
This whole shore is interesting and these boatmen have names for every
cliff tower and irregularity in our four miles ride- passing “Bangore
point” the “northernmost point in Ireland”, landing us between high
cliffs below the remnants of Dunseverick Castle. This castle was
more insulated than Dunluce, and is supposed that a draw bridge
was thrown across the water to the adjoining cliff-
A tiresome walk up the shore to our carriage awaiting us in the highway
A tiresome ride of three miles to the little fishing town of Carrick-a-rede
to see the celebrated rope bridge connecting the shore with a series of
rocks sixty feet in the sea, necessary to their salmon fisheries, withdrawn
in the winter- But finding that we must walk a long “mile”
to see it we backed out, and returned fifteen miles to our Hotel 6 P.M.
ready to advise any one about “Carrick-a-rede bridge” – (celebrated

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