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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 much care while the ocean swell tosses our light boat-
Many perplexing queries naturally arise as to how these columns were
formed. All the same kind of rock, dark chocolate color, hard as
flint because the action of countless centuries fails to change the regular
flat surface and square corners- The diameters are singularly regular
varying but little although the number of sides varies greatly, scarcely
any two together having the same number, but there is only one yet found
having as few as three sides, and only one having nine sides, never-the-
less they all fit with the nicest joints and very snug. In quite
a central position is an octogon [sic] called the “Key Stone” around which
A large number seem to accomodate [sic] themselves, (shorter than the rest and
filled with water). Another place has four or five in a half circle
with one for a handle, called the
“Giants fan”, The “Wishingseat”, and
Lord Antrims parlor, Giants well, and
Giants loom, are names applied to
peculiar formations-
As a mess of starch in colling will
crack into minute columns, so may
this strange mass have done-
Our meditations were very annoyingly
interrupted by the impudent beggars, mostly
ragged bare-footed women who, with a few
worthless little rocks or trash, for sale as an ex-
cuse, follow us continually jabbering and begging
-On the giants causeway- I became enraged at one termigant [sic] who
-The “Key stone”- kept jabbering laughing and tapping me on

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