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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Bushmiles, and three mile further
the causeway, near which on a cliff
above is a Hotel where we arrange for
our boat of four oarsmen, and dis-
card the noisy “guide”-
In the boat we at first turn away
from the Causeway and row a mile
to visit two caves “Portcoon” and
“Dunkerry”, made by the ceaseless
washing of the ocean, high and
grand. In ^to^ the latter we can
row xxxx xx six hundred feet-
their echoes are almost fearful, and -Portcoon Cave-
a party ahead of ^us^ frightened Alice dreadfully with a pistol shot-
Fortunately the ocean was very quiet,
so that we could row near the bold
and fearful shore in safety-
Turning back westward, we soon
reach the strange and interesting rocks
Passing near the “organ”, a series
of columns from sixty feet high down to
a foot, regular, with smaller ones above
might be imagined like an organ.
We land beside the “causeway” where
these strange pillars come down to the
waters edge and step out on to their
-The organ- square tops, but having to exercise

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