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a high perpendicular cliff, where we looked straight down into
the sea below us, washing its base, and through the cavern which has
been worn entirely through this rock- Passing through the
extensive ruins of barracks, stables, and outhouses, we reach the Castle
by means of a narrow archway thrown over a deep chasm, where
without protective railings it is dangerous to pass in a high wind as
the roadway is but eighteen inches wide- This inaccessible castle
(when the drawbridge was up) was captured by treachery- Massive
walls but of rude architecture the precise date of the origin is lost-
One of the walls (Kitchen) overhanging the sea, fell in, and our guide tells a
story of a fearful calamity among the Kitchen girls- This is call^d^ a perilous
projection and I imagined the ground trembled as we stood on it-
A dense fog along the shore restricted our lofty view over the sea-
Two miles further we passed through the quiet little town of

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