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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 and work so hard, to which he laconically replied, “they must live”-
They have fourteen hundred employees- and some very skilfull [sic] ones. One
pretty girl handled her complicated machine so nimbly and gracefully for our
amusement that I could not resist giving her two shillings and a compliment.
Our guide astonished us by refusing a fee. The first case in Europe-
Belfast has a few good buildings but is not a hansome city. In
high street the tall square clock tower ornamented below with carving and
the statue of Prince Albert, is their finest ornament-
Part of the day was enough. The 330 train carried us in three
hours, through a pretty county, to the little town of Portrush on the
northern coast, a bleak treeless little place on a little peninsula jutting
into the sea, much like our Watchhill connecticut [sic].
12th In the best we could rake up of the clumsy carriages, we struck out
for the Giants Causeway (Fortunately, for a rarity, bright and clear-)
along the coast road, on the cliffs high above the ocean, backed up
by a tree-less country of pale tinted old farms- Two or three miles
of these cliffs are limestone where the ceaseless waves have excavated
numberless caverns and
fantastically shaped the
share. One bold rock
called the giants head has
a perfect human profile
the mouth a little sunken
with loss of teeth-
Three miles from Portrush
we reached “Dunluce
-Giants Causeway- Castle” perched upon

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