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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 which from Glasgow down becomes navigable for large vessels-
The shipbuilding upon both banks is enormous, probably the most
extensive in the world- yard after yard full of new ships and skeletons,
backed up to the shore ready to launch in when completed- One
yard contained ten of the largest size, side by side- The
land on each side of the clyde is quite low, and frequently we pass
large sign boards “dead slow” for the protection of the land although
the banks are paved- At Grenock where the River widens into
a bay, we stop an hour and half, awaiting trains. LEave again
at 9 1/2 P.M.
11th After a quiet passage, we awaken at 5 AM to find ourselves
mooring in Belfast harbor. A short ride, from the land of the broad
spoken scotch (almost unintelligible to my family) quiet, and deaconish,
whose most extensive and chief relics
point to the memories of Sir Walter Scott
Mary Queen of Scotts, Bruce and Rob Roy-
brings us into the land of the genuine
Irishman, with his pig under one arm
and dirty child under the other-
poverty and smiles, drunkeness [sci] and
wit. “Slathers” of ragged dirty children
fat and happy, smiling beggars,
filth and poverty everywhere-
The Imperial Hotel is doubtless the best
but we found it disagreable- [sic] The
smiling landlord gave us a written
-Imperial Hotel- Belfast- permit to “go through” the establishment

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