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ornament the sides
and ends- no
statuary or showy
The “Crypt” is the
grandest that I
ever saw, filled
with pillars and
arches nearly as -The “Necropolis”-
elaborate as those above, but not so high, damp floors, but
having several hansome little stained glass gothic windows. Rob Roys
mysterious warning to Francis Osbaldistone says – “Conceive, Fresham (?),
an extensive range of low-browed, dark, and twilight vaults, such
as are used for sepulchres [sic] in other countries, and had long been dedicated
to the same purpose in this, a portion of which was seated with pews
and used as a church”, +c- The church was begun nearly
seven and half centuries ago- It is now surrounded by an extensive
grave-yard, the ground covered with slabs over vaults, and the
grounds further on up the hill are filled with monuments and tombs
in great numbers. The summit is called the Necropolis and con-
tains some expensive memorials, the highest and most expensive being
that to the memory of John Knox surmounted with his statue- Glasgow has very indifferent Hotels for its size 540.000. Inhabitants-
Is a massive city full of smoke and business-
At 5 P.M we took possession of our staterooms in the neat and com-
fortable little steamer “Racoon” [sic], and descended the River Clyde

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