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10th Morning train in one and quarter
hours to Glasgow, through a rolling
pretty country, fully farmed, without
The railway, passing under a long
tunnel lands us in the centre of the city
adjoining our Hotel. “Greens” which faces
the well furnished little “Georges Square”
In the centre of this square stands a
tall hansome granite column surmounted
with a statue of Sir Walter Scott, which
is now elaborately decorated with the flay
of various nations, wreaths and flowers-
On very hansome scotch granite -Glasgow Cathedral – choir-
pedestals are equistrian [sic] bronze statues of Queen victoria and
prince consort Albert, the latter rather small for the size of his Horse-
In the corners ^of the square^ are four bronze statues of Eminent scotchmen-
We drove out to and through their hansome moderated sized, Park-
past the large and imposing “New University”- and on up the hill
to their fine large cathedral, not particularly striking without, but
containing very hansome architecture within. Great many
massive pillars composed of a great many small columns clustered,
supporting two stories of similar columns, and arches, above.
In the centre of the hansome choir stands the hansome pulpit
from which a fine view is obtained up and down the length of the
church, episcopalian- An extraordinary number of hansome

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