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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of dozen representative characters on horseback, scattered along
singly, Queens, ladies, Knights, nobles. They were elegantly
and brilliantly bedecked and rode fine Horses- a couple of dozen
striped and speared retainers followed on foot- No military,
bo societies, no fire companies, no other effort at procession-
The streets were jammed with the populace who enjoyed the holiday-
Highland soldiers mixed the crowd picturesquely. Highland bag pipers
in native costumes drew in the pennies-
In the evening a “dessert” in the corn exchange, drew over a
thousand at table. An after dinner sort of nibbling and sipping with
speeches from the highest officials- “One pound each. Gentlemen to
appear in evening dress”. My “evening dress” is in Liverpool and
our ladies have their all on their backs so we did’nt honor them
with our presence. In the evening we drove to a neat house
forming part of a block, where Scott lived in 1821, nearly decorated with
flowers and evergreens, his bust, bedecked and crowned, standing outside
while a crowd were pouring in and out with free permission. Only
three or four buildings
in the city were
Here, upper stories
of buildings are
called “flats” and
carriages “turn to
the left”- All
through Europe
crackers are called -George Square, Glasgow-

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