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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 of them containing several acres. The lake is twenty three miles
long, the largest one- We make three short stops, at solitary
Hotels prettily situated. Very few buildings or hansome improve-
ments ornament these shores
At the Ballock Pier we take the train, through Dumbarton, one hour
to Glasgow, from whence an hour and twenty minutes takes us
back to Edinburgh. 8 1/2 P.M. To see whats to be done tomorrow at
the “great Scott centennial”, celebration of his 100th birthday, on the 9th
although the books have him born on the 15th-
9th We have been a little disappointed today, and a great many ^thousand^
people who have crowded the street and Prince Street Gardens, must
share the same feeling, that this greatest city and head quarters of Sir
Walter Scotts country should so fail
to show off impressively- still we
have enjoyed the day- our windows
are so central and commanding-
Our Hotel and the principal buildings
are gay with flags and banners,
and scotch tartans. Among them
the American flags are numerous-
Three dozen temporary poles in the
gardens are gay with banners and
festooned evergreens. Scotts pedestal
is covered with flower pots- A
highland band played an hour or so,
also a band of bag pipers alternated.
The only procession [sic] were a couple -Highland Soldier-

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