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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Hotel, received us, with ready
lunches prepared, but we took our
lunch basket into a little boat
and paddled from shore for an hours
quiet row before the next steamer leaves
Beside the Hotel a beautiful
waterfall pours into the lake from
the little lakes which we have just
left above- We rowed to
Rob Roys cave, a mile above, where =
“The wild McGregors savage clan
“Emerging at their chieftains call
“To foray or to festival-
has a narrow opening among the great -Rob Roys house-
boulders and rocks of the cliff- Lunching as we sail, charming-
The 3 P.M. steamer “Princess of Wales” carries us away- The uppere
end of Loch Lomand is much like the other lakes, narrow with highlands
approaching quite
near the shore, the
crystal waters reflec-
ting the overhanging
verdure, but the
lower part widens
out to five miles
(something like a
gourd) filled with
pretty islands, some – Lock Lomond, lower part-

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