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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 two hundred passengers (standing
up crowded like sheep on a shallop)
were looking over ^each^ others shoulders
to see this little bush-covered rock
of less than half an acre-
Eleven miles of lake, ten of
which takes ^us^ to Stronachlacher Pier
near which is a little island
where it is said Rob Roy kept
his prisoners.
Once landed, there were hurrying
times, struggling for places on the
-Rob Roys Prison – Loch Katrine-
coaches, four of them for our crowd,
no carriages, nothing else in sight. I
had the good luck to outstrip the majority
and covered my seats with satchels and
bundles until I could haul my hurrying
brood on top, (no time to wait for the
ladder) Twenty three perched on top of our
coach. Many had to wait or walk-
Five miles (Past “Lock Aklet” [sic] one mile)
through a deep barren valley to “Loch
Lomand” where our descent to the Pier
revealed a most lovely panorama-
A solitary building, the Inversnaid -Inversnaid Falls-

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