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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 our enthusiasm also)- At the
entrance to this pass “Fitz James
charger” exhausted, and the King
proceeded on foot to “Loch Katrine”,
which we found to be a more lovely
lake than either of the lovely ones just
past. The pretty little steamer
Rob Roy lay at the rustic Pier, (no
house in sight), approached by a
crooked passage along the cliff covered
with rustic work, a thatched roof sup-
orted by unpeeled pine posts, all
-Lock Katrine, from the Pier-

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 left as rustic and wild as possible
We had arrived in time for an
hour extra before starting, which the av-
oricious [sic] boatmen extended to two hours
awaiting the endless stream of tourists,
We climbed the wild steep banks for
blue-bells among the pretty ferns and
pines- catching varied views down
the narrow cliff lined lake-
At 12 oclock we start, Curving a
little to the right we reach in five
minutes the Lady of the lake’s island
-Ellens Isle, Lock Katrine- (Ellens Isle) where all eyes

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