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the surrounding
country- From
different points he
designated the position
of nine battle fields
famous in scottish
history- Towards
the spring-watering
place of “the Bridge – Field of Bannockburn, +c from Stirling Castle-
of Allan”, on an isolated promentory [sic] we saw the large but ques-
tionably elegant monument to the memory of Bruce- We
could see thirty to forty miles in several directions all historically
interesting and thickly settled. We looked from tje small hole
in the wall where Queen Mary, when a prisoner, watched the scotch
games in the field below. Within we were shown the cell
where Roderick Dhu was starved- the room where King James stabbed
the hauty [sic] Douglas, and the little window from whence the nobles cast
the body from the adjoining private council chamber- As usual
a peddlar-ess in the “Douglas room” sold photos and trinkets, she was full of
history. Her book covers (wood) were taken from the Palace ^castle^ Dungeons- her “son
saw them taken out”- her glove boxes- jewelry boxes-card cases +c were made
from trees in the castle grounds (where no stick is ever allowed to be cut)
She talks the ladies out of much money- Two or three Rivers wind
around in the valleys below us- The Forth, so torturous, spells its own
name- The next train carried us to the little village
of Callendar where we were to take the carriage nine miles further to the

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