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landlord quickly hushed the room
and a jolly corpulant [sic] man near us
straightened his face rose with the
rest and said grace for the whole.
Our London landlady Miss Ellie
would nervously hurry the waiters to
clear everything from the table
fearing we would be impatient to
leave, then would say a short
grace aloud, and ascend to the
drawing room to being a betting
game of whist “Oh its so stupid
to play when no money is staked”
she’d groan- -Linlithgow Palace-
Sunday in Edinboro’ (as the natives call it) is a very quiet day-
On a street corner I joined a gathering where a man was earnestly ges-
ticulating to his hearers. Preaching- broken, disconnected, sentences, rep-
etitions- I found him impressing his audience with his pedigree.
His dress indicated him to be a cabman. Impressively “my father
“was first groom to the Marquis of Tweedle, Yes Gentlemen, the Marquis
“of Tweedle, the honorable Marquis of Tweedle himself” .
A couple of squares farther I joined another audience, where a tall
gareheaded, spare man, excitedly gesticulated, repeated, spoke so slow
that my sides ached. He was going through the French and
German war difficulties, repeating with each sentence “and God winked”
Three half crazy preachers dress as quite and respectable looking

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