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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 can be seen within- In front of the Palace is a
very ornamental fountains full of figures and heads connected
with the history of Scotland and an old scotch guide with a
terribly pox-marked face gave us a very interesting description,
Erected by Prince Albert-
In the evening we visited the picture gallery and
museum- The former contains a very respectable collection.
The latter (of which only two rooms are public) contains many
antiquities from different parts of the world, but chiefly scottish among
them the old carved oak pulpit of John Know. Beside it hung
the little stool which Jenny Geddes threw at the Deacon in St Giles
church causing the rebellion-
At this Hotel, for the first time in Europe, we eat at a [sic]
“regular Breakfast” at a fixed price, 9 oclcok, where two or three
hundred are present. (I mean, its the first we have found)
Several times we have seen in England, at little private tables, a party
rise, bow their heads and quickly rattle off a half dozen words of “grace”
before reseating,
but have never
seen it at a
public table
until we came
to Edinburgh.
While several
hundred of us
were anxiously
-Holyrood chapel- looking for the

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