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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the celebrated old cannon stands guard on the wall, 13 ft long, made in
1486, bursted in 1697, and thus lay several balls for it, 20 inches diameter
made of stone. The barrel is made of wrought iron strips, wrapped with
wrought iron bands, altogether less than three inches thick. I only
wonder that it did not burst sooner-
In a small plain room stands
a case strongly guarded containing
the old scottish Crown and Sceptre,
more historical than expensive-
Adjoining is a small plain room where
Queen Mary gave birth to James 6th-
Parts of three regiments are kept
here—Highland costume— with legs
entirely bare half a foot each side of
the knee-
Down in the old town beside
an old church we found the residence
of the great reformer John Know
-John Knoxs house- In a dingy little shop under-
neath we bought entry tickets sixpence each- It is lower than the
adjoining houses and projects father into the street- Mounting the
outside narrow stairs-we enter a good sized room of which the walls are
now covered with “old antiquities”, a kind of museum- A modest
young woman gave us the details- The house belongs to the free
church society and is kept for exhibition- The first large window
on the side facing up street is where Knox addressed the people-
Low ceilings, carved woodwork, built for an Earl- Knox lived here from

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