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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 We drove to the “Castle” – on Saturday a “public day” and were rudely
jostled by the crowds of common people present. From the
parapets we enjoyed a fine panorama ^looking^ down into the gardens,
across to our Hotel, the monument, and beyond the city, the bay (the
“Firth of Fourth”) emptying into the German ocean insight beyond-
The eminence on the right in the distance is “calton hill”. The
tall monument is Nelsons, on which, the upper staff is used as a
time signal, a ball drops at one oclock Greenwich time upon the firing
of a cannon from this castle. We were just in time for the great
gun and had to hurry Alice back to the Hotel alone. We watched the
ball, it did’nt drop, “the guide and crowd were astonished “the first
failure in four years” they said- Near Nelsons mont stands
a row of columns designed for a “national monument” of classical
Parthenon style to the honor of Waterloo. A lack of funds stopped it
“an emblem of Scotlands pride and poverty”-
In the gardens stand two large public buildings of imposing styles
On the right is the “National Gallery of painting”. The other is the
Museum and
statue gallery”.
The castle
is not particularly
interesting, not
massive or elegant
and useless in
the present age.
-Edinburgh from the Castle- “Mons Meg”

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