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another party is always awaiting his return.
This large house is delightfully sit-
uated with hansome terraces sloping
down to the pretty river Tweed-
The 4 P.M. train, carried us, in
one hour and half, from Melrose to
Edinburgh- landing us in a deep
wide ravine which separates the
old and new town, the modern from
the ancient- Each side of these
many railway tracks, the grounds
are terraced and ornamented for
nearly a mile, called the Princes
street gardens”. -Scott, mont, Edinburgh-
As our cab ascends the hill, and crosses the bridge over the tracks,
the first striking object is the hansome monument erected in 1844
to the memory of Sir Walter Scott, over two hundred feet high-
gothic, designed by a young architect from recollections of Melrose-
The lower platform holds a sitting figure of Sir Walter- 287 steps
inside to the highest platform- Beside these gar-
dens runs Princes Street, the finest in the city, where ^are^ many Hotels.
Our Hotel “McGregors Royal” stands nearly opposite to the mont
a large white building, where, from our third story window we have
a fine view down into the gardens, across to the massively built
old town, and down, a little to the right, at the old castle on an
eminence overlooking the gardens and city-

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