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head of Queen Mary the day after her
The library contains many interesting
relics. Over the fireplace a portrait
of his eldest son six feet four inches high
an officer of Hussars- a chair from
wood in the grounds of Palace Borghese
Rome elaborately carved- 20.000
Books of his own accumulation-
A glass case on a table contained many
valuable relics, presents to him from
royalty-snuff boxes, purses, seals, his
childhood knife and fork, -c –
Another case hold [sic] his last suit of clothes
and gray Horace Greely hat-
A small room adjoining contains a bronze
cast taken from Sir Walter the day after
his death-
The armory also contains several instru-
ments of torture then in use- among them
an iron head-gear for “scolding wives”
with a gag piece to hold down the tongue
Hurried through, in a half
-Bronze Cast- hour, which our guide says, is ten

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