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many little grotesque im-
ages embellished the outer
walls. Within, a
few time-worn slabs mark
the tombs of old families,
chiefly in the eight chapels
whose eight hansome windows
extend down to our Hotel-
The yard, contains the oldest
families of Melrose, and the
faithful friends and serviters [sic]
of Sir Walter as shown by
his grateful inscriptions-
The little gable bell is modern,
“only 200 years old”, but its -Melrose Abbey-
slow solemn peels, ring at every hour of the day and night, dismally
A three miles
drive took us to
“Abbotsford” which
was the residence of
Sir Walter Scott until
his death, now
wwned and occupied
by Jas R. Hope Scott
but the principal
rooms of most interest -Abbotsford-

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