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out the Curiosity
seekers who over-
run every part
while a ray
of light xxxx
This Abbey
was begun
in A.D. 1136
-Melrose- soon after the
commencement of Dryburg [sic] Abbey, but was finished in ten years so
that the architecture is harmonious throughout- Gothic, in brownstone,
Fenced in and protected. The gatekeepers daughter showed us around
and we followed her through the yard over the little mounds, reading the
inscriptions and studying the ruins- less regardful of mound sanctity
than in America, but we only do as all others are doing-
This Abbey was also
in the form of a cross
the longest part 258
ft only a small part
of which now remains
having been cheaply
masoned up and roofed
over in 1618 for a parish
church, now vacant.
Melrose Abbey-from our window- The sculpture is fine

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