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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Aug 3- Dryburgh Abbey- and Melrose 860

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 arches overhead, is celebrated as
the part containing the tomb of Sir
Walter Scott, protected by a high
iron fence. Inside we see four
hansomely polished scotch granite
slabs, two of them raised a couple of
feet from the floor, Sir Walter and
his Wife. The others his eldest Son, and
his son-in-law- Sir Walter and
was buried in this ruin in 1832,
choosing this retired remnant instead
of the hansomer [sic] ruin of Melrose
Abbey near by-
-Tomb of Sir Walter Scott- The other arch of St Marys Aisle
(beside Sir Walters) contains the tombs of the Erskine family. No other
noted personages have tombs here. The GameKeeper also showed
us the dungeons where refractory monks had their hands wedged into
a hold in the wall, the plain tombs of the present owner, the “year tree”
a dense mass, said to be as old as the abbey-
Three and half hours delay, thence by cars in eight minutes to
the little town of Melrose- Our train leaves us ion the side-
hill, overlooking the town in the valley below, with the ruins
of the Abbey nearly to the other side- To the “Abbey Hotel”,
adjoining one end of the Abbey, where our second story rooms look
down into the old grave-yard which surrounds it. We sit
by our open windows and ponder thoughtfully over the perishable
nature of all human things until darkness draws a vail of quietude

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