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the old town Inns.
3rd on the 930 AM
rrain, northward
slow, change cars
at Penrith and
stand around the
station an hour
and quarter
waiting for a train- -Keswick, from the Keswick Hotel-
Same performance at Carlisle- At station Longtown,
the first beyond Carlisle we enter Scotland, and bid good bye
to old England. Anna prides herself somewhat upon
her Scotch (McGaw) blood, and very soon discovers a superiority of
landscape scenery. Here the country rapidly becomes more
uneven and picturesque
At 3 1/2 P.M. We alight at the little station of St Boswells,
hire, at the little Inn close by, a one-horse “waggonet” (quite common in
England something like a small omnibus without cover) drive a mile
to the River, leave our carriage, cross with the small-boy’s little
ferry, walk quarter of a mile to the Gamekeepers lodge, thence down
a densely shaded walk, to the ruins of “Dryburg Abbey”[sic Dryburgh] in a very retired
spot, built of brown stone about 750 years ago, and the additions of
different ages since are manifest in the variety of architecture.
It was in the form of a latin cross, of which but little else than the arms
of the cross, and a little of the adjoining monastery, are left standing-
one of the arms called “St Marys Aisle” from her walk or passage in the

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