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railway, half mile out
of town, a mile
from a larger lake
called “Derwentwater”
Here we meet and
speak to Rev E H Chapin
of N.Y. With his wife
and a pretty girl
-Grasmere- from the wishing gate- Miss Daly
Paid four shillings for tolls, six shillings drivers-fee (the “regular fee as
they get no salaries”) and he begged for more, as usual. Hotels
charge us eighteen pence each daily, for “Service” although the servants get
none of it, and expect extra fees from us-
Room walls are usually papered but never have “borders”- Doctors
put “Mr_____ Physician” on their signs instead of “Dr____” (both, universal)
Keswick is not a particularly interesting town. A little boating
and a little fishing
fills up the time-
Their grave-
yard prides itself
upon possessing
the tomb of the
poet Southey
This “Keswick
Hotel is quite
-Derwentwater- large, new, and

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