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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Aug 2nd Failing to find Horses yesterday P.M. And never using public stages
we delayed our advance until this morning- Five miles, past the
prettily situated “Low Wood Inn” on the shore, took us to the head of the
Lake, a mile further through the town of Ambleside. One and half, farther
to “Rydal Water” a pretty little pond half mile long (one of the “lakes”)-
Here is famous ground- The stately “Rydal hall” (the largest building on the right
in the foregoing photo), “Wordsworth’s house” (just beyond the church little to the
left). Leaving our carriage we walked up the private drive, pas the gate
to “Rydal hall”, and into Wordworths place where the Gardner showed the grounds.
An old house deeply embowered in shade, one end, “his room”, entirely hid by
climbing ivy- “No admittance within, the present owners are gone, but the
“Sheriff is within” levying for debt, Wordsworths bed, hat, +c. And Chas’ Dickens
“Bed, Piano, stool, +c. must all go” said the gardner. This elevated
spot is called “Rydal mount”, from which charming views are had of lakes
Windermere and Rydal. Here the greate poet lived 37 years, and died
here. The spot is enough to make any one a poet-
Farther on close by the water and the road is a little stone cottage, the
residence, once, of the poet Coleridge- Two miles further, to
a pond one size larger called “Grasmere lake”, about a mile in
length. Near the centre we pass the “wishing gate” where
legend says (without foundation) that every wish made at that gate
will be gratified- Four miles further reaches another
lake called “Thule mere” [sic Thirlmere] A little longer but narrower than Grasmere.
Altogther [sic], in four and quarter hours, we reach the hights [sic] above
the village of Keswick, our last few miles having been through barren
uninteresting valleys- Descending the long steep grade
into the valley, a quarter of an hour brings us to the large new

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