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The most of the country
seats show their advanced
age. Many of them have
been occupied by noted
personages, nobles, authors
and poets, whose prolific
pens have named and
famed every peak, hill
-Rydal- crag, rill, or spot of
water- Tourists who expect to be captivated with this lovely district
must come here before seeing the grandeur of Switzerland
From the railway terminus on Windermere to our Royal Hotel
in the little village of Bowness on the shore is a mile and half.
the houses of the village seem to have been sifted into position. No
two face the same way and the streets encircle each house, not straight for
five rods anywhere- Our second day at Bowness was
delightfully spent on the lake, nearly seven hours, with a comfortably
cushioned row-boat, landing on and exploring the many little bushy islands,
rowing, lazing, reading, dreaming, eating our lunch from the boat under
the dense foliage of a large overhanging oak of “Belle Isle”-
How pretty do the boats look, two or three acres of them, with bright red cushions
and other comforts. No struggling or jockeying, all consolidated into one
company of gentlemenly [sic] looking men. 98 boats- −15 private steam yachts
girating [sic] friskily with the noise of a coffee mill, and five public steamers,
all small. This lake is about eleven miles long, but narrow as a river,
the longest of all- ( Windermere ) –

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