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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 July 31st Last evening in company with an independent yankee tour-
ist-ess Miss Vernor, we attended church service in the chapel of the
blind Institute. The choir were blind and the service was notably
prefaced by a very long succession of songs, chants, anthems, where
the English episcopalian recitations were better chanted than any
other in my recollection. At the narrow entrance there’s no chance
to misunderstand the two Deacons who extend plates covered with sil-
ver pieces (the small pieces kept out of sight)
Good bye rainy Liverpool. This P.M. a “through car” carried
us, in three hours, to Lake Windermere, the largest Lake of the
English lake district, the Switzerland of little England, but not
so grand- The district is north of Liverpool, near the
coast, where irregular ranges and groups of hills generally cultivated,
our high enough to afford an agreable [sic] contrast to the monotony of
English farms elsewhere and a dozen or more hollows or basins
among the hills, having caught a few acres of water are
honored with the names of “lakes”. These cultivated slopes sur-
rounding these ponds
are pretty thoroughly
spotted with pretty
villas, more noted
for rusticity, xxxx
ivy clad walls and
arbors cosy seats and
groves waterfalls and
home comforts, than for
-Lake Windermere- elegance and display

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