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manner of styles, ages, and stiffness, but
rarely see a canopy over them, as in
this case. The habit seems to be
more especially English-
At half past three we were again in
our Liverpool rooms-
We are thankful that our
trouble with changing money is over.
The currency in England Scotland
and Ireland are the same- The
current pieces which we meet here are
pennies and half pennies (copper), Three Bishop Pearsons’ monunt
four and six pence, shillings, two shillings and half crowns (2 1/2 shillings)
All silver- Gold sovereigns (20 shillings) and paper currency in
bills not less than five pounds (sovereigns), nearly double the dimensions
of a greenback, and having but little engraving, apparently easily
counterfeited, but I never hear of counterfeits here- Wife
says she stepped into a store to enquire the price of an article and
was answered “one an’ fo’ pence hape’ny”. The one and four pence
she guessed to be sixteen pence, but the “hape’ny” she had’t heard
of and fearing itit might be more than the shilling, asked how much
it was. The merchant stared as though she “was a fool or fooling”
and informed her it was a “half pence, half of a penny”-
The changes on the continent are frequent and need watching closely.
For example from Italy to Belgium which may be made in three days.
In Italy French denominations are used except that the Francs are

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