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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 “Watergate row south” shows an interior view of one of the promenades.
“Gods Providence house” we visited- so named and has it on the house in
large letters, because it is said to have been the only house which escaped
the plague in A.D. 1652- The city is surrounded by a stone
wall which was originally built by
the Romans. The “water tower”
and “phoenix tower” are on the walls.
The town hall is a hansome
building.- near it is a hansome new
market house which we entered-
We drove to the castle (now a
barracks and fort) by the old stone
bridge which crosses the River by
a single span of great length, a
single arch-
Thence to the great Cathedral
yet unfinished, which bids fair to
be a splendid structure— The
wood carving in the choir is fine. -Views in Chester-
In one of the alcoves is an elaborate monument to Bishop Pearson
who died a couple of centuries ago- An effigy in marble representing
the Bishop in his robe lies on the tomb with hands clasped on his
breast. Two angels sit at at [sic] his feet. Below are alto-relievo
heads full size carved in marble. A gothic roof supported by
polished brass posts. The roof is bronze ornamented with valuable rocks
in different colors, some precious stones—and some statuettes-
In Westminster Abbey and many cathedrals we have seen

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