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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 the old town of Chester on the northern border of Wales.
By cab to the Georges landing stage, thence by railway ferry a mile
and half to the Birkenhead station, and half hour thence to Chester-
After the rain subsided we hired a carriage and perambulated
the city, which has several curious and interesting features-
the most striking of which are the covered promenades something like
the arcades of Bern,
on each side of the
principal streets-
These promenades, are
situated on top of a
row of shops on a line
with the second story-
and back of them are
the best stores whose
showy windows we look
-Street in Chester- into, protected from
the pelting rain which is falling without- The floors are not always
even and the floors are quite irregular, higher or lower according to the
age of the buildings-
We visited “bishop Lloyds house” (shown in the next photo-) built
hundreds of years ago of wood, having a first and second store frieze
carved in bas-relief figures- Our coachee (who had been promised
an extra fee to give us details) began with “these figures are all
scriptural illustrations, the first one represents ‘the babes in the woods’”
Seeing our smiles of doubt, he blushingly amended by saying, “I
guess they meant it for Adam and Eve in the garden”

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