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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July Liverpool 850

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 cheerless little building supporting a large sign “Liverpool society
for Boot-blacks and destitute boys”- where we see the red shirts go in
and out freely. Also quite near us is a little cleaner buil-
ding, with the sign “Seamans orphan institution” where we see many
little boys filing in, dressed nearly in a blue uniform-
Liverpool is more liberally supplied with street-railroads (here called
“Tramways”) than any
other city in Europe
and appear to be well
patronized- London
is struggling to adopt
this American institution
but its hard to overcome
their old fogy notions-
Our landlady is
-Lime St Station Hotel- an old maid, about
seventy ^(73)^ years old, large, dignified, pleasant, witty, having an agreable [sic]
manner of dealing with her servants, she has a Parrot and a poodle
Dog. The latter frequently sits at the table and when his patience becomes
exhausted in waiting for a bite, will give a frightfully sharp bark. Is
fed on toast dipped in tea, our little bits make him sick, and we get
scolded for it- He wears a locket on a blue ribbon, with Miss Williams likeness in it.
Rain, Rain, every day- The rainy’est weather I ever knew-
a carriage ride to their park on the edge of teh city revealed nothing
extra ordinary.
Having “done” Liverpool, waiting the arrival of goods ordered
In London, we took an excursion by cars (17 miles) to

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