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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The building which ranks first here, is “St Georges Hall” a large
building, on an open elevation, expensively supplied with imposing
columns, and only lacks a good dome to make it grand0 The
central portion is devoted to the “hall”- Ma and I went there one
evening to hear an “organ recitation”,
(sixpence entrance fee) The organ is
larger, worked by steam, and Mr Best
the “best player in England” played
it, but the great sounds run together
in too great confusion to please my ear-
The hall interior contains fine architecture
splendid large scotch granite columns
(28) and several excellent marble statues,
but the architect evidently studied to
make it as uncomfortable and poorly
arranged as possible- -St Georges Hall-
The principal entrance is on the right side- opposite to this
wntrance stands a bronze equestrian statue of Queen Victoria,
and farther on across the street stands the hansome “Lime street
station” of the London & NW Railway, the upper stories of which are
used for the “North Western Railway Hotel”.- build to flight sandstone
with small towers on each corner.
We are continually stopping, on the street, to wonder at the
elephantine draught Horses, walking off with immense loads as thoughx
nothing was behind them
Boot-black boys are very numerous. They have an organ-
ization and wear red shirts. Near our boarding house is a dingy

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