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outside of New York
and the streets in
the lower part of
the city are active,
but everywhere we
meet ragged squalid
poverty in sur-
prising numbers.
I dont think the -Liverpool Docks-
squalid cities of Italy showed greater numbers of wretched beings-
Jep Alice and I spent one afternoon in a visit to the steamer
“Oceanic” (just like the “Atlantic” that we are to sail in) lying in
the “graving Dock” for repairs. We crossed the Mersey, about a
mile wide, from the “Georges landing stage” near the Custom house
to the Birkenhead wharf, and walked (three miles) to the ship,
not being any cabs at hand we walked back again, altogether about
seven miles— and each of us have about two feet of sore flesh-
The ferry-boats are clumsy and slow. From the River, we saw
a single windmill swinging its arms to remind us of Holland-
Liverpool is not a hansome city- The streets are regular
enough and wide enough but furnishes very few fine specimens
of architecture, cheap buildings, large black sooty bricks, gives
the city a blacker dingier appearance than dingy London-
and the filthy streets, filthy poor people , make everything look
worse. Never saw so many filthy children even those who
appear to be in comfortable circumstances-

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