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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 agreeable, smarter and wittier than MIss Ellis of London, and our
rooms would be pleasantly arranged if they were not in the third
story- At this great shipping port where the steamers
depart for America, we feel nearer xx home than at any point yet
reached, several letters from home, among them $2000. Of the
needful. A long chase after the five trunks sent here
from London, finally found and delivered them to Brown Shipley
& Co’s Bankers, another days search with the custom house
officers for our three trunks sent her by ship from Genoa last March
found them at the “transit depot” where they must lay in possession
of the Govt until our steamer sails or else must be opened and
examined- The custom house is a large stone building
near the Docks, containing the Post Office and nearly all of the govt
offices. One can see at any hour of day many dirty
men, stevedores and dock hands, covering the steps to the custom
house, also its side walks, sitting, laying, sleeping, smoking, waiting
for a job- The streets surround the building giving grand en-
trances on every
The Docks of Liv-
erpool are very
extensive and well
built. There are
said to be twenty
miles of Docks-
This city is one of
-Custom House- the largest shipping

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