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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 25 Matlock to Liverpool 846

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 have been made within that time, so that ^now^ we can see the quaint
old furniture, walls hung with loose arras hiding the queer old doors,
but the grounds are kept in good order-
Heretofore, our travel through England has been through a
garden like country of rolling land, fully cultivated, divided into
small fields by hedges instead of fences, clusters of bushes, or a little
grove here and there, all artificial, nothing wild and natural, no
great forests, or striking variety to arrest the attention, except the
numerous great flocks of crows which blacken the ground and
are not frightened by our train through the midst of them, and
the queer south down sheep with white bodies but black legs and faces-
But through this district from Derby to Manchester we
have a touch of the wild worth coming out of our way to see-
half the time in tunnels, the other half along cliffs with water far
below on one hand and cliffs far above us on the other, with oc-
casional glimpses beyond of beautiful valleys among the cultivated hills.
Changed cars and bought new tickets (stealing an hours free ride) at
Woodley Junction and
reached Liverpool at
Eleven oclock, where
we soon found our
boarding house at
Miss’ Williams 153
Duke St, another
old maid, over seventy
years, but she proves
to be much more -Haddon Hall-

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