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while we were chang-
ging trains over
to another Depot
half mile away.
through the considerable
city of Derby where
we changed cars
-Stoneleigh Abbey- again, to the
little wild village of “Matlock Baths” romantically situated on
the Derwent, surrounded by cliffs, craggs [sic], caverns, and wooded
elevations- “New Bath Hotel” all full, but “Walkers terrace
Hotel” served us as well for one night.
25th After an early Breakfast we took the train for a fifteen minute ride
to Rowley for the purpose of visiting “Chatsworth” the greatly celebrated
seat of the Duke of Devonshire, said to be the hansomest residence in
England, four miles by carriage from Rowley station, but upon
our arrival it rained so fiercely that we voted to remain in the car and
go on to Liverpool. The ride there by carriage from Matlock is
said to be charming twelve miles, but the continuous rains, warned us
against attempting it, and now we knew that we could not walk
through the wet gardens enough to repay us for our eight miles drive
We also lost a visit to “Haddon Hall” the celebrated
seat of the Duke of Rutland which we would have seen on our
return drive to Bakewell station. The “family” have not occupied
the house for nearly two hundred years consequently no alterations

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