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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 24 Leamington to Matlock 844

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 “spats”, but now as we drove away it indulged in a most
drenching deluge, at which our covered carriage and umbrel-
la’d driver laughed, but the poor “gipsies” without shelter or
umbrellas were looking forlorn and laughless- Two
miles farther on we reached the outer gate to the
great Park of “Stoneleigh Abbey”, still raining, but the little
daughter of the GateKeeper smilingly opened the gate and we entered
the deep dense woods, the open meadows, through two other
gates where the old woman did not open so cheerfully, having
to cross the road in the mud and rain- on through charming
lawns to the “Abbey” the spacious residence of Lord Leigh,
which the public do not enter, past the Abbey chapel, and
out at another gate, all the time raining, but we very
much enjoyed our ride of fifteen miles.
A half hour later paying our exhorbitant [sic] bill at the
Regents Hotel, we were “packed” and on our way again for
new territory, that the morrow may be captured entire. On
the 330 P.M.
train to the city
of Birmingham
the “PIttsburgh” of
England, as regards
manufacturers, somke
soot and dizziness
where we found
a half hours stay
-The Banquet Hall- Kenilworth Castle-

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