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brought us to the
famous ruin of
Kenilworth which
in its palmy days
played such an
important part in
English history,
and during the reign
-Kenilworth- of Queen Elizabeth
was owned by her favorite Dudley Earl of Leicester who expended
great sums in beautifying and strengthening it.
At the outer gate we found a crowd of people of all sizes and
sexes and more coming, which our driver said was a “gipsy
party” meaning a basket pic-nic. We entered ahead of
them, but shortly they rushed in and quickly over ran
every spot, hole, and corner interfering with our meditations.
The most interesting specimens of masonry are in the grand
banquet hall the more recent additions of the infamous Leicester-
who entertained Elizabeth so lavishly. Large deep windows,
finely pannelled and carved- where we hoped to take our
frugal lunch in romantic contrast to the feasts which have
enlivened that room, but the crowd were to much for us,
too low and too rude- the lowest working classes of Birmingham-
We spread our lunch on a rustic bench beside an old
tower ruin, but were driven to our carriage by the rain
which had previously, during the whole forenoon, given us little

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