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1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 July 24 Leamington 842

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 two fireplaces ten feet wide in which I could stand without
otuching my head- One large room is finished entirely in
red cedar, Queen Annes bed furnished us a few gold threads
qnd the last room gave us a splendid view over the Avon through
the oldest and greatest cedar trees in England. Out
again, and up on top of the highest tower, five stories (on the
right in the photo-) fine view over the beautiful country-
Down, and out into the gardens, and conservatory where stands
the famous “Warwick Vase” in white marble, excavated from the
ruins near Tivoli near Rome. The gate woman, the
Castle woman, the tower man, and ^the^ gardner, must each have
a fee, not too small either-
Thence, a couple of miles farther to “Guys Cliff” the famous
retreat where the Earl lived in a cave. Beside the Avon
on this spot stands the fine residence now occupied by Lady
Percy xx closed to the public since her Lords death- we
had a good view of the house from the old grist-mill (as
shown in this photo-)
deeply embowered
in shade, on a
flat low spot, sur-
rounded by the
cliffs and woods-
The rumbling mill,
the dam, and the
water-fall complete
-“Guys Cliff” House- the picture-

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